When you cover a room in wallpaper, color and texture can impact the way the eye moves around a space. This can make it seem bigger or smaller, depending on the design of the wallpaper.

Try oversized floral patterns to make a room feel larger or commit to vertical stripes to stretch the walls and push up the ceiling. Textured wallpapers can also work to create depth, like with a mural such as Forest Vaults.


It’s no secret that light colors make rooms feel bigger than darker hues. If you want to make a room look larger, consider using wallpaper with a white background that will open up the space. Choose a wallpaper with an eggshell or satin finish to allow light to bounce around the space, making it feel more spacious. For more info, do visit this website wallpaper singapore.

Light colors can also be used to create a sense of depth in a room. Try installing a striped wallpaper with vertical stripes to visually stretch a room or horizontal stripes to make the walls seem wider.

Large patterns can seem like a risky choice for smaller spaces, but they can actually make the room feel bigger. According to Murals Your Way, this is because the pattern spreads out over more wall space, leaving negative space in between and giving the room a larger appearance.

Another color that makes rooms feel bigger is rich blue hues. These cool colors communicate a feeling of luxury and can make the walls feel farther apart, according to My Domaine.


Patterns can make a room look bigger or smaller depending on how the design is executed. For example, a chevron or herringbone pattern wallpaper creates a directional element that draws the eyes toward the ceiling, making it seem taller. Alternatively, you can go with an oversized repeating pattern that creates a wider space.

Sticking to a single color can help the walls and ceiling appear larger, too. When different colors are used, the eye stops at the line where each shade ends and another begins. A light color also reflects more light, making the space appear bigger.

Textured wallpapers are also visually enlarging and can add depth to your room. Choose a matte finish that mimics stone for a natural feel or try a metallic finish to add a pop of glamor. Another option is a scenic mural, which can draw the eye outward and open up your room. A forest-inspired mural would work well in a living room or bedroom.


The color, pattern and texture of wallpaper can make your space feel bigger or smaller depending on how it is used. Brighter wallpapers in lighter colors can create an open atmosphere. Lighter shades of white can also make the ceiling look higher. This trick is especially effective if you add a patterned wallpaper with thin stripes. Horizontal stripes will stretch a room and widen it while vertical stripes can make the walls appear taller.

Busy patterned wallpapers can be a risky choice for small spaces but if done right they can create an illusion of openness in a smaller space. Large floral patterns and chevrons can draw the eye upward and stretch a room.

Another way to add depth is by adding a textured wallpaper like Essex Marble. This type of wallpaper gives your space a more rustic look while adding dimension. Photographic murals are another great way to make a room look larger by drawing the eye outside of your walls. Forest Vaults is a fantastic example of this.


One of the most effective ways to visually enlarge a room is by using a mural that gives an impression of depth. Landscape murals are perfect for this because they create the illusion of a wide-open space. They work best when installed on the largest wall in the room, and then painted in a darker colour than the rest of the walls.

Repeating patterns also have a big impact on making a room look bigger. Thin stripes can make a room look taller, while horizontal stripes can make the room feel wider. For a more subtle effect, try painting skirting boards and decorative mouldings a shade lighter or darker than the mural.

Another great option is a black and white cityscape mural. This style is popular in many modern businesses and looks stunning in living spaces. You can even find some that are easy to install and remove, without leaving any residue behind. Buy this repositionable fabric mural here.