Over 1,500 times a year, the typical garage door opens and closes. That is a significant amount of repetitive, heavy lifting. Given their extensive use, garage door issues should come as no surprise to most homeowners. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions for typical garage door issues that don’t call for expert help.

Even a dependable garage door occasionally needs major repairs that are beyond the scope of a few button pushes. These are a few of the most typical issues with garage doors, along with garage door repair tips.

Malfunctioning Opener Switch

There are several reasons why your door cannot move when you press the opener switch. The door may be locked at times. Your door will not open if the lock switch is on. Before you open the door once more, locate the lock button and deactivate it.

If the motor is disconnected, it is an additional possibility. Examine the motor, which is often connected to the light close to the ceiling. Replugging it should be sufficient to resolve the issue, indicating garage door repair.

Keypad Not Working

Not all garage doors can be opened using a keypad. However, if yours does, these could also become flawed. First things first, make sure the batteries are not dead. To check whether that resolves the issue, try entering your keypad number once again after replacing the batteries.

Reprogramming your keypad might be necessary at times. To find out how to accomplish this on your specific keypad, consult your handbook. If you do not have the original handbook, try searching for the model on the internet.

Should none of these resolve the issue, it may be the antenna, not the keypad, that has to be fixed. The signal from the keypad is received by the motor’s antenna. Check to make sure it is pointed downward.

The Remote Control Is Not Working

Like the above issues, having a malfunctioning remote control might be inconvenient. Similar to the keypad, batteries are frequently the primary cause of broken remote controllers. Check to see whether the issue is resolved right away by changing the batteries.

Alternatively, it may be because the remote is not within range. The motor receives a signal from the remote. The signal won’t be strong enough to function too far away. See whether getting closer helps.

Should these strategies fail to operate, there’s a chance that the photo-eye sensors are malfunctioning. Verify that nothing is in the way by checking the route, confirming alignment with the front of the home, and wiping the lenses to enhance signal capture. 

The garage Door Isn’t Opening or Closing

There may be a few different causes for your garage door to appear unresponsive to signals. To rule out the remote and keypad batteries as the source of the issue, check them first. Verify that all of the lights on the garage door opener device are on and functioning if the batteries are functioning properly. If not, there’s a chance that a fuse is blown or the motor is not connected to the power source.

The Motor Operates Without the Door Moving

The motor may run when you hit the opening button, but your door stays in place. The boundaries may be open in this instance. When this occurs, the door will move, but even after it stops moving, the motor will continue to operate. Pay close attention to the motor noises when opening and shutting the door, since this may occur. To instruct the motor when to shut off, modify the restrictions in either scenario.

Should the door remain stationary, it may indicate that the garage door is not attached to the belt. To reattach the belt, you’ll need to follow particular instructions depending on the installation system you have. 


A thorough maintenance program may help prevent a lot of garage door issues. The precise remedies you choose to resolve the problems may contribute to their avoidance in the first place. Consider hiring a door installer and repair specialist to take care of your garage door if none of the options work for you or if you would prefer to leave the burden to someone else.